Tuesday, 20 February 2007


I saw the Vortex last week, starring Will Young. It's an intriguing play, where very little actually happens, with the emotional journey taken by the characters very much a consequence of their feelings rather than events.

The first act was certainly weak in places, though this probably was at least partly due to an understudy taking the part of Bunty, which must have affected the energy and chemistry somewhat. Will Young fit the character of Nicky well, but his piano-playing did rather let him down. He plonked away rather unconvincingly for someone who supposedly loved playing the piano more than interacting with people. The gramophone on stage did help cover this sad lack, and the high camp staging encapsulated the era portrayed. The kiss between Bunty and Tom (the only major occurrence of the play), moved the play into a higher gear, both in terms of the drama and the performances given. Enjoyable, if rather fluffy, and visually splendid.

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