Wednesday, 14 February 2007

The mystery of the haunted tap

The hot tap in the kitchen of my office is haunted. I'm not sure who/what by, but after washing up my dirties (when not at home, am terribly domesticated...) it drips. A lot. But as soon as I raise my hand to tighten the tap, it mysteriously stops.

As I scientist, I've tried to test this hypothesis of course, but without a control hot tap (the cold tap is plumbed to a different system and has a different mechanism so could not really be called a control) this hasn't worked so well. I have attempted to catch it out, by leaving the kitchen with it still dripping then rushing back in, but it manages to stop dripping at the exact moment my hand reaches out to it every time. Is it watching me? How is it watching me? Why is it doing this? I guess it is quite boring being a tap, but that is no excuse. I shall have to perform an exorcism, though not sure how I'll explain that to whoever pops in to do the tea-round mid-ceremony...

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