Thursday, 15 November 2007

NaNoWriMo update 2

Well, halfway through November I should be up to 25,000 words. Not quite there, mainly due to a fabulous long weekend down in London where I saw 2 concerts (both involving my brother, either playing the natural horn or singing), went to the British Library, went to a fabulous hen party and enjoyed a long lunch that lasted 6 hours over 3 venues with a group of friends (and their various friends and relations who wandered in, which was also lovely). So now I'm 12,000 words behind. But that still means I've written 13,000 words since 4th November, so it's not all bad news.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

NaNoWriMo update

Having been engulfed by NaNoWriMo fever over the last few weeks, my poor blog has been a little neglected, for which I can only apologise. A kind commenter has nudge me back into blog-mode (thank you, Anonymous!), so I will hang my head in shame and get on with telling you how it's going...

On day 6 I have got up to 5,127 words. This is a slightly lower total than I was hoping for at this point, but I must admit that I didn't entirely begin until Sunday evening, that traditional time for starting tasks you really should have got on with days ago. I got through 2000 words on that first day, and over 2000 more yesterday, so if I carry on at this rate, it should be fine. I'm actually enjoying myself, and finding that the knowledge that I just have to get on and do it, rather than pootle around with plots or stationery (my ongoing weakness...) has liberated my typing fingers, and lots and lots of words keep tumbling off the ends of them! Now, I have locked up my internal editor, and am only allowing myself to read back over what I have written if I need a piece of information ('What colour jumper did I say she's wearing?' etc). As seasoned NaNo-ers have pointed out, December 1st is for editing! This is my 'don't look down' draft, and I'm not even going to peep through my fingers unless I absolutely have to.

I also have a little more time than usual, especially in the mornings, having done something peculiar to my ankle at the gym, so I won't be going back there for a little while. Unfortunately this unexpected time bonus may just get eaten up by the huge amount of time it takes me to get anywhere now, especially if stairs are involved...

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