Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Imp of Fun

So, you know you've seen too many adverts on TV when that's the form your dreams take, and that you've played too many online games when that is what your dream-advert is about...

In my dream was a simple game, though I have no idea if it exists or even if it would work. A grid of squares, all grey except for one white, nearly filled the screen of the TV in my mind. To play this dream-game, you clicked on a square adjacent to the white one, which turned this square and the three adjacent to it white. The aim of the game was to turn as many squares white as possible, which was dependent on the strategy you used. In that handy dream way, I understood all this as though it was something familiar. I also knew that the game was on the website for the Independent newspaper (this is odd as I don't read the Independent, or use its website - I'm a Guardian girl through and through!).

Once the game was on the screen, the voice-over started. David Mitchell's mellifluous tones decreed:

"You know you like fun. You like fun so much it's as though the Imp of Fun has grabbed you by the shoulders and given you a damn good shake! When you realise we can give you twice as much fun you will..."

And then I woke up. I love that my unconscious mind came up with the 'Imp of Fun' (or has it occurred elsewhere? Does it scamper through reality causing hilarity where'ere it skips?). Unfortunately, I am still rather curious about what we will do when we realise the Independent website and David Mitchell can give us twice as much fun!!!

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