Monday, 12 January 2009

Routine vs holiday

I did write over Christmas, just nowhere near as much as I had anticipated. It was silly of me really – I live a long way from my family, so when I go there for 10 days over Christmas it shouldn’t have come as a shock that there were things, like having fun with them, that were more important than writing... I’m not worried about the hiatus, and managed about 2500 words over the weekend, so I’m back on the horse. It just highlighted to me that I work better when I’m in my normal routine, rather than engaging in wrapping paper-based warfare with my brothers.

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Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Me too, I find it hard to write when I'm away from home. I jot down ideas, and make notes about e.g. different places I visit, but working on the WIP while I'm away is well-nigh impossible for me. Glad you're not beating yourself up about it, you did so well in late 2008 and it looks as if the momentum is still there.

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