Thursday, 21 February 2008

He loves me, he loves me not

I watched a fabulous French film last night, 'He loves me, he loves me not' starring Audrey Tautou and Samuel Le Bihan. This 'love' story is the antithesis of 'Amelie', and really cleverly constructed so that you see both sides of the action, and the very different perspectives of Angelique and the love of her life. There's very little else I can say without giving away too much of the story, but the more sinister moments are beautifully balanced by Tautou, who radiates innocence and sweetness throughout.

I loved the use of metaphors about cardiologists and less literal problems of the heart, which were often hidden in the many layers of the story so that the meanings didn't become clear until close to the end of the film. It was a very visual story, particularly with Angelique's beautiful paintings and collages giving an insight into her rather lonely world. It's just the sort of imaginative tale you can get completely lost in for a few hours.


CTaylor said...

Oh, thanks for that. It sounds right up my street. Will add it to my 'dvds to see' list (there isn't actually a list per se, rather a jumble of info in my head. But you know what I mean)

Lazy Perfectionista said...

Hope you enjoy it - do let me know what you think!

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