Sunday, 7 March 2010

Bullets bitten

So I'm back from Milan (although my case is not. It should be arriving at my office at around 9am tomorrow. Nice.), and while there I did a lot of things. Read, shopped, ate, drank, talked (sometimes in Italian!), and.... WROTE! Not much, but it's a start. Draft 2 is now underway, with one whole chapter done. I've got a bit of a plan, and also some ideas for other stories, one I could start writing soon, and another which will take a lot of research. But research means BOOKS, so I'm all for that!

Here's to finally getting on with the damned thing.


charles daugherty said...

I do not read as I did once long ago. I stumbled upon your blog by shear accident. I have read Harry Potter and enjoyed the films very much. I hope that your writing continues but as a joy and not a chore. Reading seems to be a joy for you but when you wrote to get "on with the damn thing" I cringed a bit and wondered is writing becoming a necessity, a job more than a pleasure. I hope not for you could see much pleasure in Harry Potter.

chasd said...

I hope this next book is a pleasure and joy to write and not a task or chore of labor only.

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Ellie said...

Charles/Chas - that's a really interesting point you've raised. I think my writing has never been a *chore*, but I can see how it came across like that from this post.

How I actually feel is that I've written a first draft, 100,000 words, and it felt like climbing a mountain. I got to the top and felt fantastic, turned around and then realised I've actually just scaled one of the foothills, and the rest of the mountain is overshadowing me. It is a rather daunting feeling, and that's why I just need to get on with it - once I actually get going it isn't as hard as I think it will be!

enestine said...

i love you i love the way you express yourself it is what it is keep being you.You make me laugh so much.

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