Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Typhoon Alert!

If Chicago is the Windy City, may I nominate Manchester to be the Rainy City please? I just got TOTALLY drenched on my way from Piccadilly Station to my flat (a distance of, ooh, about a third of a mile!). The only item of clothing I was wearing that didn't get wet was my pants, and I was outside for less than 10 minutes. I must admit that I forgot my umbrella this morning, but was wearing a sturdy Haglöfs jacket (though this would probably have been a little more watertight if I had remembered to close all the pockets...). Navigation became a bit of an issue, when my glasses started filling up with water due to my inclined head. When I tried lifting my head slightly, my eyelashes got so clogged with water it was like trying to look where I was going in a swimming pool. Nice. Am now dripping gently over my flat, finding puddles from where I put my bags down, but thanking my lucky stars/any listening deity that I remembered to close my big windows this morning before I left for work.


ChrisH said...

Hi Ellie, I read that you've joined the novel racers so have added you to my sidebar.

CTaylor said...

Just wanted to pop in and say welcome to the novel racers! I'll add your blog to my sidebar v. soon. I'm off to brave the Brighton rain (with umbrella!)

Anonymous said...

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